Maintenance and Repairs

Advanced Sporting Surfaces South Australia can maintain, repair or patch all sporting surfaces ie hardcourts, hardcourt acrylics, cushion hard court surfaces and all synthetic grass repairs.

Synthetic Grass Grooming
Adavanced Sporting Surfaces South Australia supply and install new surfaces and after strong enquires and many requests our company has introduced a Court Servicing and Maintenance Division to service Sand Filled Artificial Grass (SFAG) tennis courts.

Types of Maintenance
Tennis court maintenance, basketball court maintenance and all synthetic grass courts are our specialty. We can have your courts looking and playing like new again in no time at all.

General problems with SFAG surfaces:

  • When the sand infill compacts and partial solidification becomes evident, the tennis surface appears to become more durable as the compaction becomes more evident.
  • Unfortunately, as the surface hardens, the performance rapidly deteriorates. It becomes slippery and loose sand on surface becomes more noticeable causing the court to become much faster with footing unpredictable.
  • Contaminated sand infill encourages moss and algae growth and hardening of the playing surfaces.
  • Abrasion through over sanding.
  • Contamination of sand infill.
  • Hardening of court surface.
  • Moss and algae growth.
  • Polypropylene particles/fibre dust left in surface pile.

All the above have the potential of causing accelerated wear, affect player safety and comfort and general aesthetics of the surface.

The Solution:

Using a purpose built court rejuvenation machine to:

  • Remove excess and contaminated sand infill.
  • Lift surface pile.
  • Groom surfaces.
See the difference that grooming has on these courts by clicking on the photos. A larger image will open in a new window.

Photo of difference before grooming and after grooming Photo of difference before maintainence and after maintainence

ASS SA realise that most of the wear on synthetic tennis courts occurs 1.5 meters either side of the baseline. In most instances it is possible to avoid complete replacement of the court surface by installing base line repair kits for court ends. This also brings the overall surface to approx 13mm and extends the life of the courts.

The base line kits consist of one piece of synthetic grass, which has a base line, tufted into the surface. We cut out a piece of grass from the existing surface( 6ft either side of the base line and between the singles lines) and replace it with the new piece. The new piece of grass is manufactured to a length of 13mm so as to match in with the existing court surface.

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