Synthetic Sporting Surfaces

Advanced Sporting Surfaces South Australia has exclusive rights to Latexite, Playpave, synthetic grass and Premier Court products.

Latexite acrylic colour coating systems and Playpave cushioned systems provide an exceptional playing surface and can be tuned to meet specific requirements and levels of play for multi - sports, including tennis, basketball, netball, volleyball.

All surfaces provided by Advanced Sporting Surfaces S.A. will provide many years of enjoyment as well as protection to investment, requiring very little maintenance whilst allowing athletes to compete longer, harder and faster.

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Adcrete surfaces
Latexite surfaces
Attack 2000 netball system.
Playpave sporting surfaces
Premier Court
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Attack 2000 netball basketball system
ATTACK 2000 Netball Basketball Systems

The Attack 2000 Netball and Basketball Acrylic System has been purpose designed and formulated to provide a highly durable, all weather-sporting surface with maximum skid resistance. Manufactured from selected premium 100% acrylic resins, light stable oxide pigments, and a unique combination of reinforcing powders and aggregates to provide durability and performance. The specialised resins used in the production of Attack 2000 provide excellent scuff resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

The above system is available in nine standard weather resistant colours, but if you need special colours are available on request. The standard colours available right now are: Deep Green, Forest Green, Light Sage, Terracotta, Light Terracotta, Mid Tan, Mid Blue, Blue Grey, Fawn. Advanced Sporting Surfaces Australia S.A. are a preferred applicator of this court system, please visit the manufacturers specification sheet .
PREMIER COURT Relocatable Cushioned System

Sport is elegant and intelligent that challenges the athletes mind and body. Premier Court supports the most superb level of talent and assures consistency in ball bounce, height and skid speed as well as assured footing.

Todays technology produced Premier Court; a surface of laminated, synthetic polymeric materials with resilient foam backing. The wear resistant playing surface is a high quality, all weather 100% acrylic colour material. Applied in five consecutive applications, its easily re-coated in the future.

The new system is a quantum leap in the way sports courts are installed, repaired and maintained.
And it plays like no other surface in the world. Premier Court is the first soft/hard surface with all the comfort of cushioned courts but all the challenge of hard courts.

Our unique cushioning system reduces stress on players hips, knees and ankles. Soft to walk on, Premier Court plays hard-ball with the elements.

Pro Club cushioned system
PRO CLUB Cushioned System

The affordable cushioned 'hard court' option for clubs and professionals. Pro Club has superior shock absorbing qualities which helps to reduce foot, leg and lower back fatigue.

A resilient cushioned 'hard court' surface that gives players
a distinctive advantage over conventional hard court systems.

Pro Club has superior cushioning, gives sure confident player footing, is skid resistance, comes in a wide range of colours, has true ball bounce, is low maintenance and is easily cleaned. This superior playing surface is also available as Pro Club Plus, which has an additional layer of rubber for even better cushioning.

Playpave acrylic system for tennis courts, volleyball courts, outdoor play and multi-purpose courts.
PLAYPAVE Acrylic System

Playpave is a versatile all weather sporting surface with excellent abrasion resistance and uniform texture, suitable for tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor play areas, volleyball courts, and multi-purpose sport courts.

The advantages of using PlayPave are:

Sure Confident Player Footing, Skid Resistant, Wide Range of Colours, Economical, True Ball Bounce, Water Resistance, Easily Cleaned, Low Maintenance Indoor Outdoor Applications.

Playpave is available in nine standard weather resistant colours:
Deep Green, Forest Green, Light Sage, Terracotta, Light Terracotta, Mid Tan, Mid Blue, Blue Grey, Fawn.
Special colours are available on request.

Multi-Sport Surfaces

All weather tennis or multisport surfaces. A wide range of turf surfaces have been developed to assist various skill and budget levels, from intensively used club courts for top players, to private tennis courts.

There are a large range of tennis surfaces, all cricket surfaces and cricket wicket covers including relocatable cricket wickets, leisure and childcare surfaces, and hockey, bowls and soccer court surfaces. For the golfers, we can supply all golf synthetic surfaces required from greens, tee areas, and driving range mats.

Advanced Sporting Surfaces South Australia have a exclusive agreement with ADCRETE INDUSTRIES Pty Ltd, an Australian company recognised as leaders in the manufacture and supply of state of the art cushioned sports surfacing and crack stabilizing systems.

Advanced Sporting Surfaces S.A. will now be operating in Western Australia, and will contine to add new products to our portfolio.

Our aim is to provide the best technology and surfaces available on the Australian market to all of our clients, which include home owners, schools and sporting venues, and government run sporting facilities.

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