Resurfacing Sporting Surfaces

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Resurfacing Sporting Surfaces

Say goodbye to broken, cracked, or worn-out surfaces, our experienced and qualified repairers will resurface your courts, leaving them looking as good as new. Even if a sporting surface appears irreparable to the untrained eye, we can often work our magic and restore it. Don’t write off your courts prematurely when restoration is a viable option. Through resurfacing, tired and worn-out surfaces can be rejuvenated, allowing them to regain their former functionality and aesthetic appeal. When resurfacing your court, we consider various factors such as the sport played on it, whether it is used professionally, and the desired grip and bounce. Over time, all court types experience wear and tear, making regular maintenance crucial. As a general guideline, we recommend resurfacing your courts every 5-8 years, depending on their exposure to harsh conditions. Outdoor courts typically require more frequent resurfacing compared to indoor or protected courts.

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We excel in constructing new courts and resurfacing sporting surfaces with expertise in netball, tennis, and basketball courts. Our use of high-quality materials and the latest technologies ensures quality results.

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