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Advanced Sporting Surfaces

Advanced Sporting Surfaces South Australia excels in constructing new courts and resurfacing sporting surfaces with expertise in netball, tennis, and basketball courts. Our use of high-quality materials and the latest technologies ensures quality results. We have completed numerous projects for sporting clubs, shires, and councils across Australia. Our skilled professionals are always available to guide clients throughout the project’s duration. We also have experience in restoring various sporting surfaces, including football fields and hockey pitches. At Advanced Sporting Surfaces South Australia, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services that meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our Projects

Look through some of our many projects completed throughout South Australia for schools, sports clubs, councils and homeowners.

What We Do

New Sporting Surfaces

We have great expertise and can install a wide range of sporting surfaces and courts from synthetic grass, hardcourts, cushioned hardcourts, crack stabilisation systems, fibreglass systems for schools, councils, sporting clubs and the general public.

Resurfacing Sporting Surfaces

Not all surfaces will need replacing, we can assess your sport surface and advise on whether it needs replacing or resurfacing. We have many years of experience and are able to offer a wide range of resurfacing services so that your surface looks as good as new.

Maintenance & Repair

With our experience and specialised equipment, we can easily recommend what maintenance or repair solution fits your requirements best. Our team will work hard to ensure that there is minimal disruption while giving you the best quality result.

Court Construction

Court construction of any type of sporting surface is an investment and needs to be done correctly. Our services cover the initial clearing and base works right through to the supply and installation of fencing, equipment and lighting.

Sporting Equipment

We are able to supply and install a wide range of equipment powder coated to suit your requirements. These include tennis curtains, netting, cricket boxes, netball, basketball and tennis posts, benches, spectator seating and much more.

Fencing & Lighting

Fencing and lighting are important factors for your new or resurfaced court. We can supply and install fencing and lighting to suit your requirements and the needs of your players and spectators. We take into consideration safety, security and current best practice.

Ensuring each project runs smoothly.

Ready to Head Anywhere

When it comes to installing sporting surfaces, we’re always ready to go the distance. Our commitment to delivering top-quality surfaces for athletes and enthusiasts remains unwavering. With precision and care, we handle diverse terrains and weather conditions, ensuring durable and safe playing areas. As an Adelaide-based company, our mission is to spread the joy of sports to communities, fostering camaraderie and elevating playing experiences. So, whether it’s a tennis, netball, or basketball court, you can trust our reliable team to create exceptional sporting surfaces wherever the game leads us. Let us be your go-to partner for sporting projects that leave a lasting impact on players and fans alike.